I'm so over people telling me how much they love this cold weather. I'll say, "Brr…" and they answer, "I love it. It feels good." Um, no. It's great in September, but this is still July. I'm not trying to rush my summer. We had such a long, cold winter. » 7/29/14 2:26pm Yesterday 2:26pm

I was near your age, and I have to disagree ever so slightly. In the mid-90s, denim reigned. Denim on denim everywhere, ala Jerry Seinfeld. I also remember girls buying their boyfriends big gold necklaces. The fanny pack was outdated by then, and let's be honest, turtlenecks have never been stylish, but this look… » 7/23/14 10:11am 7/23/14 10:11am

Heaven forbid to think that a nice old man would be willing to help a woman with her career in exchange for, well, nothing at all. From his writing in previous posts, he describes the relationship as him trying to help her. Why should this woman have assumed that she would have to fuck him? I hate it. » 7/22/14 2:04pm 7/22/14 2:04pm

I don't think it's fair to say that America doesn't care about poor people. We do.
I think the problems start when moms and dads don't care enough about their kids.

It's hard enough to raise kids in a two-parent home. It has to take impossible feats of strength for a single parent to raise strong, smart, healthy… » 7/14/14 9:42am 7/14/14 9:42am

You are on an adult discussion board. To say that someone's "naiveté" is "adorable" is to out yourself as being a condensing, pretentious, douchebag of the highest order. Later you begin a comment with, "Well, you're just wrong is all." You clearly know your photography. That's great. You don't have to be a snooty… » 7/14/14 9:16am 7/14/14 9:16am