Dear America,
Please stop watching this madness. If we keep tuning in to Honey Boo Boo, Duck Dynasty, and other programs that encourage poor behavior, we will continue to see life copying the "art" that is found on television. I blame Jerry Springer because he was one of the first to give horrible people a… » 12/11/14 9:10am 12/11/14 9:10am

Go Spartans! Send the message that "real survivors of real rape" don't want that douchebag on campus. If MSU has some extra money in their pockets, maybe they should invite Princess Lacey's mom or dad. That money could go to a local hospital. George Will isn't going to inspire anyone.. » 12/10/14 3:10pm 12/10/14 3:10pm

I see that you are getting beat up a bit, but I agree with you—slightly. There are some genres of porn that reflect serious abuse, and it baffles my mind that it's legal. I feel horrible for the women (and men) who are in those films. Yes, they agree to do it, and yes they are being paid, but I still think it's wrong,… » 12/05/14 12:42pm 12/05/14 12:42pm

She's Cray-Zee. I loved her in the 90s when she was chilling with Garth, and everyone told her that she was new super amazing voice of the century. BLUE 000 0000 0000 000 000 000 00000000. Then she married the gay dancer, then she stole herself a hottie husband and got wrapped up in some angry Housewives drama. Along… » 12/05/14 12:31pm 12/05/14 12:31pm

All but $100? WHAT? I had to pay my deductible, ($5,000), and with another child (new health plan), my anesthesia and delivery were "covered", but I had $3,000 in "facility fees." Babies are expensive just to bring into this world, and then, of course, we allow unpaid maternity leave so money is even tighter for… » 12/04/14 12:43pm 12/04/14 12:43pm

People aren't buying Budweiser because they are consistently being told that Budweiser is "bad."

Watch HGTV, and you'll see countless couples say, "We MUST have granite….We NEED stainless…Only wood floors will do…No brass." Every couple says the same thing, and it's because they've been told that everything else is… » 11/24/14 3:29pm 11/24/14 3:29pm

Yes! This, and I'm a teacher. I have already read the posts below, and I see the usual suspects: I work long hours, I also work summers, I work on weekends. The reality is that EVERYONE now is expected to always be on call—from plumbers to pediatricians. That's the new way.

I think what makes non-teachers so mad is… » 11/18/14 12:59pm 11/18/14 12:59pm